The Warp collection is inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein, one of the leading exponents of Pop Art, in which the technique of pointillism transforms an abstract cluster of small circles (dots) into figures and concrete images. The circle is seen as the expression of the infinite, an ideal line without beginning or end, a full and absolute cycle. As a geometrical figure, the circle delimits a circumferential space. Its perfect structure, with no sharp edges or irregularities, it is then distorted, creating amovement in the forms while maintaining the harmony of its lines. Thus, drifting from what was ideal, we get a figure capable of integrating at the same time abstract compositions and architectural structures. This distortion is present in the collection’s graphics (prints and lasers), which consists of deformed circles and symmetric and asymmetric perforations.Presented in an opposite palette of colors, black and white, where both represent the unattainable, creating a feeling of emptiness either by the absence of light, or by the excess of it, where blue and green circular shapes freely inhabit the space. The collection is enriched with recent techniques of confection (fusing, lasers, tapes frames) giving a sense of vanguarda to the looks. Thus, the technique underlying the development of the collection reflects its axial themed: the perfection and the idealism. The pieces are structured, architectural and elegant, with strong graphic games. Executed in fused satin, 100 % cotton sandwich popelines and silk satins. The Warp collection is therefore designed for a contemporary woman who stubbornly seeks the ideal of perfection.