The F/W 13/14 “ACTHUNG” collection is influenced by Constructivism, an artistic movement committed in explaining how the human intelligence develops through the following principle: intelligence is determined by the mutual actions between the individual and the social environment. The idea is that the man is not born with cleverness, but he is not indifferent to the influence of the environment. The human being responds to external stimulation taking action on them, in order to build and organize his own knowledge in a more elaborated way. The influence of the environment on the individual has it repercussion on the constructed structures / objects that create graphic effects, in which the graphic and the architectural come together. Some of the techniques explored on constructivism were the gluing and painting of geometric figures and this is one of the captured essences in “ACTHUNG”. The male influence is visible in this collection, either for the colour palette in darker shades – such as black, grey, moss green, white and blue – either for more structured materials – such as leather, fur, nappa and knitted and woolen material.

photography by: lorem ipsumtest

porto — 2013